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Use the loan simulator to calculate your mortgage loan and immediately discover how much you repay each month to buy your dream home. An explanation over at

Purchase property

Purchase property

 If you want to become the owner of your own home, you can take out a mortgage loan. Credit union can compare home loans for you.

Refinancing cheaper rate

Refinancing cheaper rate

 As you may know, the market interest rate changes very regularly. Maybe today you can refinance at a cheaper rate than your current rate?

Merge various credits

Merge various credits

 Do you have several credits that you would like to merge into one comprehensive credit?


Renovation work

Renovation work

 Start your renovation work immediately with an installment loan. At Kredietunie you can borrow cheaply for renovations.

Country residence/return property

Country residence / return property

 Have you been dreaming for years about an apartment on one of the Spanish costas or a farm in the infinite plains of Scotland? Kredietunie makes borrowing for a house abroad simple and transparent.

How much can you borrow?

How much can you borrow?

Have you found the house of your dreams? Then of course you want to know as soon as possible how much you can borrow. To calculate your mortgage loan or home loan, you enter the following information step by step:

  1. amount and term
  2. personal data
  3. professional data
  4. income

In addition to the purchase price, you must also take into account issues such as notary fees, insurance and registration costs when calculating your mortgage loan, whereby Kredietunie expertly assists you.

Meticulous customization

Meticulous customization

Credit union is so much more than a credit broker. We are always ready for you with expert financial advice. In this way we not only help you find the desired amount with the cheapest interest, but we also explain in detail what costs you can contribute for tax purposes. Even if you need an extra renovation budget or are unable to pay the notary and registration costs, we will look for a solution together.

All-round credit formula

All-round credit formula

With a mortgage loan you can:

  • buy a home or land
  • finance any renovation or renovation costs
  • pay the registration fees
  • pay the notary fees


Maximum loan you can avail. Mon, 08 Jul 2019 09:27:49 +0000

GH Tiny Credit Loan

GH Tiny Credit is a professional company GH Tiny Credit sro, which offers its clients a loan in the amount of CZK 1,000 to 20,000 CZK, which is associated with a maximum maturity of 30 days. It is a responsible lending model, with a strong emphasis on overall security and transparency.

GH Tiny Credit is a solution for people who do not want to limit themselves in their financing. The purpose of the loan reveals that the money can be used not only before payout, but also as an investment in new electronics, household equipment or payment for any services.

The GH Tiny Credit loan is accessible through an internet application, so you can ask for money at any time – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Avoid any hidden fees and indulge in a customized, non-banking solution.

Table of installments

Table of installments

Loan amount Due date Charge APR Total
CZK 1,000 14 days 0, – CZK* 0.0% * 1 000 Kč *
CZK 4,500 30 days 0, – CZK* 0.0% * 4 500 CZK *
CZK 2,000 7 days 220 CZK 22981,8% 2 220 CZK
CZK 5,000 10 days 552 CZK 4470,9% 5 552 CZK
CZK 10,000 20 days 1 671 CZK 1577,7% 11 671 CZK
20 000 CZK 30 days 4 340 CZK 990.7% 24 340 CZK

* Applies only to first loan.
Representative example: Do you need CZK 15,000 for any needs? Then there is GH Tiny Credit loan, which will provide this amount as a current client with a maturity of 30 days. You will automatically receive an APR of 992.9%. The fee will be CZK 3,258. You will return the amount of CZK 18,258. If you would like to extend the due date, you will pay the following fees – 7 days CZK 2,790, 14 days CZK 3,505 and 30 days CZK 4,500.

Advantages of the loan:

Advantages of the loan:

  1. Client support is available for you on weekdays from 9am to 5:30 pm.
  2. Simple process of acquiring money – after basic registration, you select the required amount and wait for the approval process.
  3. Money from GH Tiny Credit is paid out in the easiest way, which is a bank transfer to the client’s bank account.
  4. The first loan of up to CZK 4,500 is provided to new clients free of charge. You have the opportunity to try everything.
  5. Great emphasis on responsible lending, which avoids any unpleasant debt trap.
  6. Guarantee of personal data protection.
  7. Extension of maturity by 7, 14 and 30 days.

Disadvantages of the loan:

Disadvantages of the loan:

  1. If you want to earn an amount over CZK 4,500, you must be a current and reliable client of GH Tiny Credit sro
  2. When registering, you can only use a bank account in your name, not another person.

Loan conditions:

Loan conditions:

  1. Age range from 18 to 62 years
  2. Debtlessness
  3. Own bank account
  4. Permanent residence in the Czech Republic
A quick loan from bank. Fri, 07 Jun 2019 09:37:55 +0000

Reasierbank – Quick Loan

Reasierbank - Quick Loan

Reasierbank is a banking institution inspired by clients themselves. Evidence of this is the Reasierbank loan from CZK 20,000 to CZK 700,000, which can be obtained by virtually anyone. The purpose of the loan, which has no purpose, opens the door to non-binding financing.

Reasierbank Loan is a quick loan with a convenient bonus that you can receive after the first months of repayment. The money is paid immediately after approval of the application, within a short period of time within 24 hours.

The Reasierbank Loan is a convenient banking product without unnecessary hidden fees, coupled with practical insurance of the ability to repay. Take advantage of a credit solution that costs you nothing and presents transparent terms and conditions.

Representative example:

Representative example:

Loan amount Maturity Amount of monthly installment Interest rate APR Total
500 000 CZK 96 months 8 099 CZK 11.9% 12.57% 777 500 CZK

Representative example: a Reasierbank loan may have a size of, for example, 500,000 CZK, which you can dispose of at your discretion. If you choose up to 96 monthly installments of CZK 8,099 each, you will get an interest rate of 11.9%. The APR will be 12.57%. The total amount will be CZK 777,500. Monthly, you will not pay any fees for maintaining and managing your loan. If the loan is properly repaid and a current account is maintained with Reasierbank, you will receive a bonus of CZK 172,124. If the total payable amount is reduced by the bonus amount, the resulting bonus rate is 4.9% pa (while maintaining the number of installments).

Advantages of the loan:

Advantages of the loan:

  1. You determine the day of the month when regular payments will be made.
  2. Reasierbank loan is accompanied by a discount on the interest rate, which can be up to one percent.
  3. Payment insurance covers several unforeseen areas. Most clients will appreciate the risk of job loss and incapacity for work.
  4. If you show interest, you will be given the opportunity to increase the credit limit.
  5. Reasierbank loan is paid within 24 hours by bank transfer to the client’s bank account.
  6. If you are interested, it is possible to pay the quick loan free of charge, in whole or in part.

Disadvantages of the loan:

Disadvantages of the loan:

  1. The 1% discount on interest is associated with the active use of a bank account from Reasierbank.
  2. Increasing the credit limit is only accessible if you prove adequate solvency or ability to repay your obligations.

Loan conditions:

Loan conditions:

  1. Valid identity documents
  2. Minimum age 18
  3. Confirmation of regular income
How to Apply for Personal Loans Online Sat, 06 Apr 2019 15:12:42 +0000

When we talk about yoabank, we are talking about one of the best financial companies in the market that belongs to PNB. This entity is a leader in many countries and already has millions of customers in Europe and the company is known in more than 80 countries around the world.

In the Yoabank loan company, you can ask for up to 50,000 euros that you can return in a total period of 96 months. In addition, you will get the money in just 48 hours without any problem and without having to change banks. Nor will you have to make long lines at the bank or many procedures, since everything you do from the comfort of the sofa.

If you are looking for a good amount of money and you need it to be as fast as possible, the best option is Yoabank loans.

How to request a loan or request more information in Yoabank?

How to request a loan or request more information in Yoabank?

If you want to request a Yoabank loan, one of the fastest ways to do it is through its official website where you will find an application that you must fill out with your personal data.

The first thing you should put is your name and your last name and then you will have to fill out the form one by one to be able to put what is the purpose of the loan, the amount of money you need and also you must put what is the maximum term to be able to return the credit to the entity.

If you look at the right part, you will see everything that is essential for this type of credits. You can see the number of monthly payments that exist and what is the interest rate applied to each of the payments.

When you go to ask for this type of loan you also have the possibility of activating a certain type of insurance such as sickness or in case you suffer an unfair dismissal.

Once you have finished the loan application, you must go to the next point, which is to indicate more personal data and pass the credit form. For your peace of mind and comfort, all these things are done online without you having to move anywhere at any time.

Once your application is approved, you can have the money in your account in less than 48 hours.

Destination of Yoabank loans

Destination of Yoabank loans

You can ask for any type of loan Yoabank for what you want, however, you will have to tell the company so that you will need it, since each type of loan has different conditions and it is important that you know them all.

When filling out the application, it is where you will indicate what you are going to use it for, and it will be the company that checks if you are a risk client for them or for the contract you can take into account to give you the credit.

You can ask for several credits for various things, but always the largest amount will be taken into account. in case that is rejected, it is passed to the next one of greater quantity, etc.

Among the destinations that you can select when applying for Yoabank loans, are the following:

  • Acquire a vehicle, such as a car, motorcycle or boat, new or used.
  • Repair of a vehicle.
  • Make purchases for the home.
  • Hold celebrations, such as financing a wedding, a communion or any type of party.
  • Finance medical expenses.
  • Make trips or expenses in leisure.
  • Education and training expenses.
  • Make investments in companies, such as creating a company or increasing its capital.
  • Pay bills or debts in arrears.
  • Reunify debts, such as unifying credits you have.
  • Any other type of destination of the borrowed money.

Necessary requirements to request a loan in Yoabank

Necessary requirements to request a loan in Yoabank

To request this type of loan you will need:

  • Have a valid DNI
  • You must be a resident in Spain
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have proof of income of any kind.

In case the company wants to know you more, it will ask you to send some extra documents. It is important that you send them all the documents they ask for, since this means that they do not know if you are a good candidate.

  • Copy of an address receipt
  • copy of the first page of the bank book
  • Proof of income

Advantages of asking for a quick loan in Yoabank

Among the advantages of requesting Yoabank loans of this type to the entity, there is the ease with which you can make the request, since in a few seconds you will have the complete form and you can send it to ask for your money.

Another thing that I like a lot is that being a type of 100% online loan, you will not have to leave the house at all. If you need more documents, the company will ask for them through an email and you will only have to scan them and send them so that they can verify all the data they need.

In case the entity accepts your request, you can count on the money in your account within 48 hours so that you can use it in whatever you need most. The entity may ask you for a photograph that you must send a clear passport type.

The payments of this entity have a high flexibility which has made many more customers come to the entity to enjoy everything they can find in it. These fees to be paid are completely adapted to the clients so that they can pay without being drowned month by month.

The interest rates

The interest rates

The interest offered by the entity has made it one of the most popular loan entities since it is from 5.95% TIN (6.12% APR). However, this depends a lot on what the loan will be used for.

To apply for this credit you will not need to meet almost any requirements, which means that anyone can approach and ask for this type of credit in any problem. Most of these types of loans are designed for people with urgency and who need to cover payments at that moment.



Payday Loan: Fast Payout Loan Fri, 08 Mar 2019 12:26:54 +0000

If you are looking for a fast-payout loan as quickly as possible, you can apply for a lightning loan or a quick loan over the Internet. There is certainly not so fast with the branch banks, because for a loan, it first requires a conversation with the bank advisor. That’s why the Internet, with its many online banks, offers the best alternative.

What is important in a fast loan

What is important in a fast loan

If you are looking for a quick loan, you have to bridge a financial shortage within a short time. The ideal way would be the house bank. Although it does not offer the best conditions, the money is usually available immediately after the consultant meeting. However, if the counselor is on vacation, the matter may be delayed.

Online banks always have the option to apply for a quick payout loan. In order to find the right bank, the corresponding term quick loan must be specified in the comparison calculator. The user then only receives such offers with fast payment promises.

Quick loans or lightning loans are eligible. The prerequisite for a quick payout is that the customer immediately signs the loan agreement and sends it back to the bank. Quick can be applied for a loan online. Upon receipt of these documents, the bank reviews the financial situation. If there are no complaints, the loan will be paid within 24 hours. If the borrower allows time for the documents to be sent, it will take longer to pay.

The advantage of online banks

Branch banks have opening hours. Nobody can be reached on the weekends. Online banks are open around the clock. A loan can be requested online at any time of the day or night. The computer checks the information provided and makes a preliminary commitment. Now the borrower has to act fast and send the required documents together with the printed and signed loan application to the bank. If everything is alright, the money will be transferred quickly. This is especially advantageous when a weekend is in between. Only through the online banks can then be applied for a loan with fast payout. So you lose no time and the money is faster in the account.

While a bank adviser always asks for the purpose, it does not matter to the online banks what the money is spent on. It is at leisure. The conditions for obtaining such a loan are explained quickly. The borrower has to live in Germany. His regular income from work must be above the attachment exemption limit. The workplace must be secured. A temporary employment contract or termination already leads to a credit cancellation.

A less good alternative

A loan with fast payout can be obtained immediately through the credit line. A really good alternative is not that, because he is very expensive. Anyone who needs an amount of 3,000 euros, for example, has to dig deep into the pocket for the interest. This step is really only recommended if it should go quickly with the payment. Normally, the use of the Dispos is worthwhile only for small amounts of money and if the account is quickly compensated.

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How to Apply for Quick Online Loans Thu, 07 Mar 2019 16:15:44 +0000

Gettacash is one of the companies that grants loans online quickly and can get the money in just 15 minutes. The amount that can be ordered is up to 800 euros and the deadline to return it is 35 days

To apply for them, there is no need to do any type of paperwork, which makes the management very quick, having to be currently working or have income from unemployment or retirement.

It was one of the first credits that I analyzed when one morning before the postman’s visit with a certified letter from the General Traffic Direction, I said to myself: I need a loan and so said and done I started to investigate (later I realized that there were a lot of microcredits top)

Gettacash grants the credits without asking questions so that you need it, so you do not have to give explanations or justify the fate of the money, this feature is common to many other companies, Highlighting the valuations of microloans of Vivus, for the advantage that these provide that they do not charge interest to the new client, in order to demonstrate how easy and simple it is to get money with them.

Gettacash: Your requirements

Gettacash: Your requirements

  • Be between 18 and 64 years old
  • Be a legal resident in Spain
  • Send scanned image of the DNI or the NIE
  • Being in possession of a debit card linked to your bank account
  • Provide a mobile phone number
  • Send a photocopy of the payroll

The granting of the Gettacash loans is done in a very similar way to other credits treated here:

You must fill out the form indicating the amount you want to request, as well as your personal information such as ID number, mobile phone number and bank account number

Gettacash uses the Instantor system (widely used by this type of credit company) to analyze your financial situation and the potential risk they will assume if they grant you the loan.

Process to return the borrowed money

Process to return the borrowed money

The process of returning this type of loan online is simple and very fast enough that in your bank account there is enough to reach the designated return date the entity will charge it automatically through the debit card.

What happens if you can not return the money?

What happens if you can not return the money?

It may happen that when the date marked as return does not have enough money to satisfy the debt with Gettacash, then the best option is to contact them and reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties through an extension for that amount not satisfied on the scheduled date.

In our portal on loans to individuals you will find an analysis of all the microcredits existing in the market, taking as a central axis the study of the so-called immediate loans since the instantaneity in the concession is a point highly valued by the applicant.

Instant loan without private credit in 24 hours Wed, 06 Mar 2019 13:56:52 +0000

That was just missing! It’s already difficult, you can make ends meet. And now the car is broken too. If you have a negative private credit entry, something like that becomes a problem. An instant loan without private credit, which is in 24 hours in the account, could remedy. There are numerous, mostly Swiss banks offering such a loan on the Internet. But beware of the black sheep. If an advance payment is required, you should leave the portal immediately. Reputable banks would never demand money before the conclusion of a loan agreement.

How to apply for an instant loan

To apply for the instant loan without private credit, which can be in their account in 24 hours, quite simply. One only has to log in to a corresponding provider that has been selected on the Internet for the subject, and enter his data such as name, address and monthly earnings. The program then decides electronically and in minutes on the commitment or cancellation of the loan.

The loan documents are then automatically sent to the applicant. The commitment that you get from the loan program is preliminary. After receiving the documents, the loan applicant must return the loan request, complete with proof of salary for the last 3 months. Upon receipt, a bank employee checks again the commitment. He compares the monthly income with the expenses and decides whether and in what amount the installments can be paid. If all is well, the bank employee gives the green light and the credit is transferred. Within one day, at best, the loan is in the applicant’s account.

At what conditions do you get an instant loan?

An instant loan without private credit, which can already be in the account in 24 hours, is to be had in an amount of up to 3500 euros. The banks do not seek information from the private credit, but they also check the applicant’s creditworthiness. Without a credit rating, no credit agreement will be reached here. Incidentally, the loan, and no message is made at the private credit. The instant loan is not earmarked and interest rates are currently very low.

How reputable is an instant loan?

How reputable is an instant loan?

You should definitely be well informed on the Internet, where exactly the differences in the offers. As everywhere, even with the banks, the instant loans provide black sheep. When advance payments are required, it is always “finger off”. The favorable interest rates make an instant loan, which is booked without private credit in 24 hours, attractive as never before.

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All About Payday Loans Thu, 28 Feb 2019 10:17:04 +0000 Need a Simulation of your Payday Loan?

Need a simulation of your payday loan?

Life is so made … sometimes we have money or a simulation. For a unique opportunity, an unexpected event, the need to get cash or even a project to fund without waiting, we all have to face some unforeseen expenses at one time or another.

Fortunately, for this kind of situation, there is an adapted loan: the payday loan. Indeed, thanks to its freedom of assignment, the traditional payday loan is in Belgium, the ideal loan solution for exceptional situations. What are these situations?

  • Financing a project: the installation of a new kitchen, the purchase of furniture, the financing of small jobs, the organization of a city-trip, a wedding, …
  • Facing an unexpected event: family drama, accident, natural disaster, …
  • Buy a new vehicle: new or used.

the personal loan in explanation

The main advantage of the classic payday loan is that it is unaffected. This means that you do not have to justify the use of this loan. You use the money as you see fit, without being accountable to your lender.

Even if there is a definition of the payday loan , it has nothing to do with the reality of all days.When you apply for a payday loan, you receive the entire amount borrowed at one time. You can then stagger your repayments; you repay at your own pace according to the terms of your contract.


Even if the conditions of access to the traditional payday loan are fairly simple but regulated by the FSMA and if you still have many questions about your capacity and your borrowing terms.

That’s why, on this page, we answer for you the most common questions about payday loans. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want paydayized advice from qualified professionals. We are at your disposal!

Who is the Payday Loan for?

Who is the Payday Loan for?

  • You need a set amount at a defined time; the classic payday loan allows the purchase of a property, the payment of an invoice: everything is imaginable!
  • The classic payday loan is the solution for unique opportunities and exceptional situations.
  • The traditional payday loan is intended for individuals 18 years or older residing in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, who receive regular income.

Benefits of the Classic Payday Loan.

  • You choose the amount to borrow, the duration of the credit and the monthly repayments: no bad surprise!
  • The interest rate is fixed directly and definitively.
  • The amount of money is paid into your checking account immediately and in one go: time saved!
  • You can make the purchase of your choice, or provide for all your needs : no justification of use is necessary.
  • Possibility of credit with quick simulation in 24h.

What is the Payday Loan Exactly?

What is the Payday Loan Exactly?

The payday loan , also called installment loan or consumer credit , is a credit category whose main feature is that it does not finance a specific purchase. This loan can be used to finance all types of projects or simply to obtain cash. The repayment is made in monthly installments of a fixed amount.

Realize your dreams, concretize your projects, fulfill your desires, cover your needs, face the unexpected … Live your life serenely!

The Installment Loan: For which Projects?

The Installment Loan: For which Projects?

To make an installment loan , you do not need to give any justification. Thus, you can benefit from this type of credit whether for a payday project with a specific purpose or simply because you need cash. You can therefore apply for a payday loan for, for example:

  • Realize work in your house, build a swimming pool, a veranda …
  • To go on holiday
  • Buy multimedia equipment: computer, telephone, television …
  • To buy a car
  • Furnish your home, redecorate a room.
  • Pay unexpected fees with a cash reserve.

The Different Forms of Payday Loan that Suit you.

We offer different types of payday loans, specifically designed for a specific type of need or a specific applicant profile. You will find, for example, traditional installment loans, car loans or other financing. Each of these credits has specific characteristics.

  • The classic payday loan is more for a specific project. If you need a set amount, at a defined time, this loan is for you. This credit is the solution for unforeseen situations and exceptional opportunities.
  • The car loan is, as the name suggests, provided for the purchase of a vehicle. The interest rate will be different if it is a new car or a used car, but no worries, it will be fixed.
  • The “other financing” loan includes all other needs or desires that would require funding, such as the need for a marriage loan.
  • The formula ” Credit – simulation – 24h.

Payday Car Loan: Did you know? More and More Individuals are Opting for a Car Loan to make their car Project a Reality.

The car loan is actually a payday loan: it is part of the benefits for which we specializes. Since 1980, this Belgian company, also present on the territory of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, works to offer everyone a credit adapted to his needs.

And since more and more people are giving importance to their vehicle, we very frequently validate loan files in the automotive sector! Car financing is a recommended operation in many situations, whether customers are interested in a new or used car, or are looking for a second or third car for the family.

If necessary, we can move directly home for the signing of the contract, knowing that people who want a car loan sometimes have mobility difficulties.

To Choose the Right Formula, Trust our Advisors.

To choose the Right Formula, trust our Advisors.

How to perform a simulation?

To simulate your credit application , you can use our simulation tool at the top of this page. This one is of course free and without commitment. Select the amount you need and the repayment term, and you’ll have an idea of ​​the monthly repayments.

Why do you Need to Simulate your Payday Loan Online before Embarking on this Credit Project?

Here are the main benefits of Internet estimation, a practice very common and accessible to all.

With a simple online simulation, in one or two minutes only, you have the opportunity to get all the details related to your payday loan project.

This initiative allows you to easily compare the different offers available on the market, to select the one that seems the most advantageous and the most reliable for you. No need to make a physical appointment in agency, the entire application process can be done virtually.

In most cases, the sites that offer the estimate can also send their request directly. Nevertheless, even if the tool to project on a consumer credit is very useful, it is always useful to turn to professionals in order to have advice, or even to ask the intervention of a credit broker , to negotiate the best terms.

When will I Receive my Payday Loan Reply?

When will I receive my payday loan reply?

We guarantee you a very fast response. You will be immediately fixed on the possibility of granting you the payday loan or not. If your request is accepted, all you need to do is complete a few formalities and sign your contract. You will then receive the money from your current account within 48 hours of signing the contract.

How Much can I Borrow?

You can borrow money on a range from € 1,250 to € 100,000. The payday loan is made as well for your little wishes as for the project of your life.

The borrowing capacity depends on the situation of each person. In general, it is considered that he must remain, to a single person the amount of 740 € to live after the payment of all these charges (rent, credits …) and 880 € for a couple. However, each situation is handled on a case-by-case basis and depending on your credit company , you may be able to negotiate terms.

What is the Repayment Period for my Payday Loan?

What is the repayment period for my payday loan?

For this type of credit, we have set a minimum duration and a maximum duration for repayment. You can take out a payday loan for a period ranging from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 84 months (7 years). Exceptionally for the owners, we can extend this duration to 120 months.

What are the Conditions for Taking Out a Credit?

What are the conditions for taking out a credit?

To obtain a loan , you must be over 18 years of age and reside in Belgium (or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). You must have regular income and you can not be registered in the national file of payment incidents of the National Bank of Belgium.

Why choose us?

We have extensive experience in the sector because we are an agency specialized in payday loans in Belgium since 1980. We have a network of branches all over Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Thus, you will always have a qualified advisor near you. We are also reachable by phone and via our website. If necessary, we also go to your home free of charge for the signature of the contract.

We are an independent company of any financial group, which is guaranteed to receive objective advice. Credit is our only business. We are therefore more qualified and more attentive to the needs of our customers. We offer you a paydayized service and offer offers matching your profile and your needs. We also promise a fast and discreet service.

What is the Rate for my Payday Loan?

The Global Effective Annual Rate, also called APR, differs from one situation to another. The calculation of the APR depends on the amount borrowed, the length of the repayment period, the annual fixed debtor rate and the payment terms. The APR is 10%. A concrete example ; If you take out a loan of 20,000 € over a period of 5 years, your monthly payments will amount to 420,71 €.

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