How to Apply for Quick Online Loans


Gettacash is one of the companies that grants loans online quickly and can get the money in just 15 minutes. The amount that can be ordered is up to 800 euros and the deadline to return it is 35 days

To apply for them, there is no need to do any type of paperwork, which makes the management very quick, having to be currently working or have income from unemployment or retirement.

It was one of the first credits that I analyzed when one morning before the postman’s visit with a certified letter from the General Traffic Direction, I said to myself: I need a loan and so said and done I started to investigate (later I realized that there were a lot of microcredits top)

Gettacash grants the credits without asking questions so that you need it, so you do not have to give explanations or justify the fate of the money, this feature is common to many other companies, Highlighting the valuations of microloans of Vivus, for the advantage that these provide that they do not charge interest to the new client, in order to demonstrate how easy and simple it is to get money with them.

Gettacash: Your requirements

Gettacash: Your requirements

  • Be between 18 and 64 years old
  • Be a legal resident in Spain
  • Send scanned image of the DNI or the NIE
  • Being in possession of a debit card linked to your bank account
  • Provide a mobile phone number
  • Send a photocopy of the payroll

The granting of the Gettacash loans is done in a very similar way to other credits treated here:

You must fill out the form indicating the amount you want to request, as well as your personal information such as ID number, mobile phone number and bank account number

Gettacash uses the Instantor system (widely used by this type of credit company) to analyze your financial situation and the potential risk they will assume if they grant you the loan.

Process to return the borrowed money

Process to return the borrowed money

The process of returning this type of loan online is simple and very fast enough that in your bank account there is enough to reach the designated return date the entity will charge it automatically through the debit card.

What happens if you can not return the money?

What happens if you can not return the money?

It may happen that when the date marked as return does not have enough money to satisfy the debt with Gettacash, then the best option is to contact them and reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties through an extension for that amount not satisfied on the scheduled date.

In our portal on loans to individuals you will find an analysis of all the microcredits existing in the market, taking as a central axis the study of the so-called immediate loans since the instantaneity in the concession is a point highly valued by the applicant.